Planting Roses

Where to start?

It all starts with the soil!
Roses prefer slightly acidic soil (pH 6.5) sufficiently rich in organic material.
Get to know your garden soil before making any changes or additions.
This can easily be done with a test kit from the Soil Service of Belgium.

If you wish to plant new roses on soil where roses have stood for many years, it may be that there are many rose nematodes present.
It is normal for these to occur, but an imbalance between the amount of nematodes and the new young rose roots can severely inhibit growth.

Therefore, we recommend one of the following solutions:
- To 'refresh' the soil with soil from elsewhere in the garden where there were no roses. (60 cm deep) This is feasible for small surfaces.
- Sow Mexican marigolds that drive out the nematodes. We offer : Tagetes patula seed (150g/10m²)

So plant with care and enjoy beautiful roses for years to come.
All information can be found in our planting tips.

Planting bare root roses

November is far from a quiet month in the garden. On the contrary!
Saint Catherine (famous period: "At Saint Catherine, all wood takes root!") is approaching and it is the best time of the year to plant everything with bare roots : roses, peonies, trees, shrubs, small fruits with perennials and fruit trees.

Sustainable, because the bare roots are sold without a plastic pot, without a substrate, without fertilizer and do not need to be heated or watered. (except when planting) They are grown in the ground and harvested just before shipping. They are also affordable in price.
And finally practical : bare roots are easy to plant and will restart faster in the spring, because they have been transplanted in a dormant period, without undergoing stress. In addition, you can easily check the quality of the roots, a guarantee of good growth!

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