Pruning your Garden Roses
We ready your roses for a blooming summer

Have your roses pruned by a real Pro!

Welcome to our expert rose pruning service! In the month of March, the ideal time for rose pruning, we are ready to rejuvenate and make your garden roses bloom.

Our expertise 

Whether it's bush roses, old varieties, or climbing roses, we have the expertise to prune your plants correctly. Our focus is on rejuvenation and promoting lush blooming, so your roses thrive optimally.

Why prunig in March?

March is the perfect time for pruning activities: Just before the buds begin to swell and the coldest winter chill has passed. With our years of experience, we can provide your plants with the necessary care for optimal growth.

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At the end of February, beginning of March, we schedule all pruning appointments. These are grouped based on region to keep transportation costs as low as possible.

Please add photos of the plants to be pruned. This will help us better estimate the duration of the work.
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